The brief for this project was to create an illustrated map and booklet that depicts and describes interesting cafés in Zagreb. The intended audience is tourist going for a weekend trip to the city and who wishes and alternative guide that can show other places than the traditional sites of the city. The product is also intended to be purchased as souvenir something to bring back home as a memory of the visit to the city. Each cafe is picked because it has some unique feature e.g. Tito’s old espresso machine, they roast their own or the cafe works as an art gallery as well as a café.
All drawings are drawn in free hand with fineliners and processed and coloured in photoshop.
The size of the map is A3 and the accompanying booklet is in A6, so when the map is folded they have same size.
The project completed for a student brief, and has not been commissioned by the companies and café themselves.
This is the illustrated map. Each café is symbolized with an illustration that depicts a unique feature of the cafe. Cafe Finjak (no. 2) is illustrated with the legendary espresso machine Faema E61 and this particular machine used to stand on marshal Tito´s yacht in the Adriatic sea.
This is the back of the map. It contains a list with adresses and opening hours for the cafés. On the left side you see the front and back cover when the map is folded.
This is the front and back cover of the booklet.
This the table of contents for the booklet.
This is a spread from the booklet. It depicts a part of the interior of Eli’s Caffe.

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